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You can find the digital version on Bandcamp Spotify AppleMusic ...and many other places.

For the LP & CD: Cargo Records (UK) Plato/Concerto (NL) Great Waters (best for US) and of course right here from the website

Video: “Down”

Video by Félix Pérez-Hita.

“Down” is from the new Dusty Stray album Estranged. Produced by Kramer.

Kind Words About ESTRANGED

"A new alt-folk classic. An album of creatively diverse folk songs that range from the whimsicality of The Fruit Bats to the minimalist vigor of Lou Reed. Like his visual name, Stray collects pieces and fragments from folk’s most risk-taking troubadours and assembles them into one of 2018’s most interesting and listenable records." Glide Magazine

"Brown’s soft voice lulls the listener while atmospheric instrumentation and sound effects softly shape the songs with accordion, a singing saw and odd electronic effects all fluffing up the pillow." Americana UK

“Invokes sun-faded guitars to remind us of glory days that have lost their luster… guaranteed to become your Big Mood as October slips into November.” No Depression

“Jonathan Brown sings about death, aging, nightmares and other ' dark ' topics with rock-solid conviction and melancholic vulnerability (****).” Musicmaker

"A modest folk pearl." de Volkskrant

"This is one of the most beautiful records I've ever made." Kramer

“Beautiful, brittle, intense, intelligent, slightly eerie and overall fascinating songs to listen to, over and over and over and over...” Vrij Nederland

“An album of wonderful songs delivered with great care and love…Brown has made a beautiful record, for the fifth time. Go have a listen!” De Krenten Uit De Pop

“Just off the beaten path, with fascinating consequences." Mania

“Folkunderdog Dusty Stray, since his debut in 2010, has been one of the best kept secrets of Dutch folk music lovers. He does not change a smile into a tear, but instead effortlessly unites the two.” The Daily Indie

“In my humble opinion, more people should throw themselves into the work of Dusty Stray. And perhaps for a newcomer, Estranged is as good a place as any to start. It’s an album that’s both beautiful and sad. We watch through a window as Jonathan writes about relationships that are almost done – but not quite. We listen as his voice grieves over the potential loss; a range of instruments creating a sort of ‘folk-noir’ soundtrack that simply accentuate the mood.” Sonicbreakfast

"Each lyric, note, and melody is like the contents of an old, worn journal with the page just waiting to be read." Vents Magazine

“Like stumbling across a disconsolate folk singer in an abandoned bar from the near future; it’s best listened to while suffering from heartache at 3 a.m.” Songwriting Magazine

"Dreamy freak folk songs, enhanced by keyboards, omnichord, backwards masking and almost church like backing vocal arrangements. Estranged is pretty intense..." Here Comes The Flood

"Walking-speed, wide-eyed, low-key folk...the likes of which Bonnie Prince Billy is great at." Independent Clauses

"I had never heard of anything that could be called synth-folk before this song, but that might be one of the better song descriptions I've heard in ages. It's a great ever so slight change to a classic genre that works magnificently." If It's Too Loud

"A massage for the brain cells. Sounds like Syd Barret auditioning for a club owned by Woody Allen and David Byrne." Enthusiastic Guy After Seeing Dusty Stray Concert For The First Time

"I don't want to ever listen to anything else." Enthusiastic Girl After Seeing Dusty Stray Concert For The First Time


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