VeldHans: The Becalming LP - Dusty Stray

VeldHans: The Becalming LP

Debut VeldHans Album (Great Waters, 2021)


VeldHans is Jonathan Brown's instrumental music project with Stuart Cullen. Over nine tracks, The Becalming spans genres and circles the globe incorporating skipping vinyl, flying saucers, East Asian pipes and ethereal waltzes along the way whilst maintaining a healthy regard for a hummable melody.

“The Becalming is a beautiful and unusual album…both dignified and casual. There is much to love.” Stephen Carradini, INDEPENDENT CLAUSES

“Delivers a soothing melodic respite along with a sense of spiritual awakening, and features the kind of inspiration and brightness that is rare in a world of mainstream copycats.” Krister Axel, CHILLFILTR (“The Becalming” Editor’s Pick for best song of 2021)

“A memory box of music, stuffed with vintage samples, fireside folk and a sugar dusting of electronics. The sound is as charming as a winter village, beguiling and sedate. The record’s unspoken purpose: to reaffirm that life, even in lockdown, can be as rich and fertile as our imaginations will allow.” Richard Allen, A CLOSER LISTEN

“Wonderful” Alex Ruder, Pacific Notions, KEXP

"It will calm, caress and embrace you, wrap itself around you like your old favourite warm winter cardigan." Marina Florance, FRESH ON THE NET